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Software Cad 2D/3D

Sync3d is the Eurosoft software which provides all the traditional tools
necessary to design in 2D and 3D (variational parametric)
with a simple and immediate interface.

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2D/Full 3D/Sheet metal


The synchronous modeling environment allows you to approach the 3D world without great skills with the speed of creation and modification typical of 2D CAD, thus leaving the operator more time to check the work, reducing the margins of error. The design operation does not initially require you to define all the modeling constraints, allowing you to define them, if desired, afterwards. With this functionality Sync3d is able to recognize all the geometries of an interchange 3D file without history, parameters (IGES, STEP, etc.) and allows their modification without any kind of limitation. This mode is extremely important for the subcontractor as it allows to operate effectively using the simplest data interchange formats.


The Sheet Metal section, specifically designed for sheet metal working, is equipped with all the most used and specific activities: how to create bending edges, holes, slots, drains, etc. Among the sheet metal commands there are those to evaluate the development such as the verification of the design and the generator of the plane geometry to be sent to the cutting machine. By configuring the materials only once, Sync3d will automatically calculate the development factor.


Sync3d, with the Draft section, allows you to create the drafting of the 2D / 3D project by generating all the documents necessary for production. Draft has controls for drawing layout, balloons, parts table (BOM) and creation of exploded assembly, annotations and 3D associated dimensioning, conforming to ISO, ANSI, BSI standards.


With the Assembly section, Sync3d creates and manages large assemblies representing a project consisting of multiple parts coupled together. It is possible to modify, in a simple way, multiple parts of an assembly regardless of the constraints established during the construction phase. There is full control over how assemblies are opened which will significantly reduce the loading time of a large file.