• pezzo parametrico - parametric piece
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    Extraordinary precise
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    CutExpert HVAC
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    With over 160 base forms
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    CutExpert HVAC
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    To each their own
    CutExpert HVAC CutExpert HVAC adapts to every necessity and automatically guarantees perfect results.

The CAD / CAM nesting software

Welcome to CutExpert HVAC world

CutExpert Suite is the reliable system designed and realized by Eurosoft for thermal cutting. The suite consists of ExpCad, cad 2D system and CAM CutExpert software. This last one includes the automatic nesting function and it’s able to communicate with machines for plasma cutting, laser, oxyfuel, waterjet and every other one created for two-dimensional cuts. Years and years of gained experience on the field, working next to specialized operators, allowed the development of a software that perfectly adapts to HVAC industry providing performance requirements continuously advanced that are necessary to cope with the sophisticated demands on the market. Each object of the library is the result of an endless research of details and technological perfection so as to permit, with a clean graphic interface and without the use of the computer mouse, the customization of every single item also for the less experienced ones. The simplicity of application is astonishing: after having chosen any part out of the complete library, the only thing necessary is the input of a parameter and CutExpert HVAC will automatically generate all the information needed for cutting, for the insulation, the flange notches and overlaps according to the assembly needs. CutExpert Suite is a package in continuous development and is periodically updated with the addition of new parametric items always available for the download. It allows the import of whole work orders also from third part planning and management programs through designated import plugins. Moreover, the wide customization of the software permits the possibility to create part lists specific for each kind of action in order to be recalled with a simple click. The branch research and development of Eurosoft produces, on demand, parametric items specific for every client (customization) that can be incorporated in the personal library allowing to the technician in charge to considerably reduce the production time. The visualization of the ultimate piece is supported by the powerful 3D rendering engine that is updated in real time while parameters change. In this way the user can visually have the needed feedback to get the right result.


Thanks to the wide range of solutions, CutExpert HVAC assures full control and the maximum flexibility of use.



The unique and extremely surprising performances are based on innovations and technologies that fulfill operators’ real needs.


Simplicity of use

Thanks to CutExpert HVAC the cutting technique becomes within reach of everyone who aims at the perfection of the final product indiscriminately if it is aeraulics, aspiration or insulation. The software, from its improved design and even more intuitive, uses a cad and a cam that are perfectly integrated achieving the best precision and optimization of spaces.
With only three steps we are able to get the development for a cutting.


Automatic overlaps

The in-depth knowledge on the topic, gained with years of direct experience in HVAC sectors, allowed Eurosoft to include in the software the option to generate all the overlaps calculated automatically according to the type of use, shape, sizes and thickness of the metal sheet permitting the operator
a considerable saving of time with no margin of error

1 - Program

A catalogue of over 160 parametric pieces
The flexibility and the total customization of the parametric forms integrated as a supply in the suite CutExpert HVAC allows to use the widest graphic package on the market

hvac screen on software - havac schermata monitor

2 - Modify

To customize an item has never been this simple
Once chosen the subject, keep all the configuration parameters under control with the window “modify”. You can vary the size, type of overlap to apply and the material to use. Thanks to 3D visualization you can have the view of the final item in real time to judge the result

hvac screen on software - havac schermata monitor

3 - Cut

Integrated CAM
Either if it is a straight or a sloped cut, with overlap or hole, CutExpert HVAC is able to get the best result in the littlest time and with no possibility of error.

Orders/Project Management integrated with reports for estimates.

  • Extensive library of three-dimensional forms.
  • Management of Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Automatic filter during file import based on layer / color.
  • Optimization of automatic nesting to minimize scraps.
  • Possibility of mixed management between manual nesting and automatic nesting.
  • Nesting on partially completed plans.
  • Optimization of automatic and manual cutting paths.
  • Macro for definition and dimensioning of chamfered profiles.
  • Query functions on the drawing for profile checks.
  • Collision check in parts handling.
  • Management of cutting technology configurable through the use of default values.
  • Trim management, initial and final cuts.
  • Management of automatic and manual markings.
  • Report management and configurable prints.
  • Possibility to assign the actual cutting times for the calculation of reports.


  • Fly cut.
  • Internal scraps cutting.
  • Management of micro-junctions with lead-in and lead-out.
  • Cut to plane limits with automatic deactivation of the tracks.
  • Post-processors available for more than 100 types of machines.
  • Technological database of materials defined by the post-processor.
  • Interface with the Eurosoft CNC systems to update the variables used in the estimates.
  • Multi-machine management.
  • Punching management.
  • Automatic or manual management for common cuts, bridges, loops, trigger minimization and pre-holes.
  • Possibility to dynamically modify pieces on the plane with inconsistent profiles through ExpCad.
  • Initial training (16 hours).
  • Video customer support *.
  • Free updates for new version *.