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born from 30 years of experience

CutExpert is an advanced and complete solution for cutting management and optimization, designed to meet the needs of companies operating in the metalworking sector.
With CutExpert you can optimize your work processes, reducing material waste and increasing production efficiency, with its advanced features, optimizing the positioning of the pieces to be cut and minimizing losses with consequent savings on material costs and increase in your profitability. Thanks to its powerful features, you can plan and manage precisely and fast cutting of sheets, tubes and metal profiles, obtaining high quality results and maximizing the yield of your materials.
The software offers a wide range of tools and customization options, allowing you to tailor the solution to your specific needs. You can define cutting parameters, configure processing sequences, manage production priorities and monitor the status of your orders in real time.
Choosing CutExpert means investing in reliable, intuitive and high-performance software, which will help you improve your productivity, optimize your cutting processes and obtain high-quality results.


CutExpert®LITE allows you, in a few simple steps, and by entering a few parameters, to create all the items useful for your work simply and quickly, reducing sheet metal waste to a minimum. With the HVAC version of CutExpert® it is possible to create all the components of a system, overcoming the difficulties that may be encountered and the errors that may be encountered using traditional 3D. In fact, the system, based on parametric variational, allows you to immediately distinguish what is modified in 3D development, directly updating the view and also the related transformation in 2D. CutExpert® HVAC includes a library made up of more than 180 parametric figures that allow you to create any type of aeraulics, extraction and insulation system. Parameterization extremely flexible of each shape, combined with the vastness of the library, makes CutExpert® the most versatile HVAC program on the market.


Thanks to CutExpert® HVAC, the cutting technique becomes within the reach of anyone aiming for the perfection of the finished product, indiscriminately on any type of processing, whether it be aeraulic, insulation or suction.The software, with a renewed and even more intuitive design, uses a perfectly integrated cad and cam, thus allowing for maximum precision and space optimization.

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With only 3 steps it is possible to get straight to cutting a job order



Quickly import your drawings.You can enter all the items to be cut very easily by assigning them material, thickness and quantity. You can also extrapolate individual parts from a title block in which layers and colors are well defined to divide the various processes.


A catalogue with over 180 BASIC SHAPES

Once the subject has been chosen from the default or customised catalogue, it is possible to keep all the configuration parameters under control from the edit is possible to vary the dimensions, the type of overlap to be applied and the material to be used.thanks to the 3D visualisation, it is possible to have a view of the finished part in real time so as not to make configuring a single part, it is possible to create the output for each machine and for each type of machining (sheet metal, flanges, insulation).


In-depth knowledge on the subject, developed through years of direct experience in the HVAC industry, has allowed Eurosoft to add the option to automatically configure and use overrides to the software, so that the operator saves considerable time, with no margin for error.


Integrated Cam

Whether it is a straight or angled cut, overlapping or drilling, CutExpert® HVAC manages to achieve maximum results in extremely short time and without requiring operator intervention.


Export for more than 100 types of machines One click creates the file with all the instructions needed to move the machine to make the parts.


Function Lite HVAC
Orders/Project management integrated with reports for estimates/td>
Extensive library of three-dimensional parts
Handle longitudinal overlaps or transversees. pittsburgh, seaming, snaplock, edges, cockscomb (with holes in and out of the overlap for riveting or screwing)...
Notching management (configuration and use)
Automatic filter during file import based on layer/colour
Query functions on the drawing for profile checks
Cutting technology archive on every part
Optimization of automatic nesting to minimize scraps
Combination of automatic nesting, along with manual nesting functions
Nesting on partially completed sheets
Optimization of automatic and manual cutting paths
Collision check in parts handling
Cutting technology management
Management of trim, initial and final cuts
Management of automatic and manual markings
Marking with building tips (such as: letters for pairing, tilt angles, lines for folding)
Report management and configurable prints
Aassign the actual cutting times for the calculation of reports
Management of automatic and manual micro-junctions
Post-processor available for more than 100 types of machines
Management of automatic and manual common cut
Possibility to dynamically modify pieces after nesting execution
Initial training (16 hours)
flying cut
Cross cutting of scrap
Cutting on flat boundary with automatic path deactivation
Multi-machine management (e.g., sheet metal+coil with one output)
Automatic update with actual machine cutting times
Rain overlap management
BOM (allows you to save multiple configurations of the same library part and thus be able to save various diameters or particular modeling of the various shapes)
Mosaico (advanced nesting that saves about 10% of the scrap)
Updates to new versions
included | optional | with support contract | not available