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Mosaico Software, the super nesting

Evolved intelligence

Amongst the components of CAD/CAM used, the most mysterious and discussed is NESTING. For about 30 years, since when the fi rst rudimental and overexpensive systems came to life, we have chased announcements of innovative technologies that always followed a more or less noticeable disappointment of the users.
The relation Time/Saving has never been up to expectations, confi rming that an automatic nesting will never be equal to men. It’s now time to look forward, to dive in a completely diff erent experience that will totally change your beliefs.
Mosaico is the evolved intelligence which combines the decennial nesting workers’ expertise with speed of implementation and the ability of optimising spaces.

screen mosaico software
The new algorithms of Mosaico will permit you to achieve such astonishing results to make you defi nitively change idea on New Automatic Nesting

Zero Waste Technology

The new algorithms of Mosaico were conceived for the research of the best disposition possible and a waste reduction up to 10%.

Cost Estimation Technology

With its rapidity and optimization, Mosaico allows the development of accurate quotes limiting to zero the probability of making estimates that are either too high (losing the opportunity) or too low (without realising expected profi ts).


Mosaico is extremely fast: in a few seconds it can do a better job than most of the systems on the market.


You only need to set the time and Mosaico will carry out the best nesting possible in the interval you have chosen.

Nice Nesting Technology

Mosaico chooses the “cleanest” and most regular solution between all the available equivalent ones.

Human Challenge Technology

During all the software developing phases, results have been confronted with the best nestings realized by experts in manual way in order to grasp their secrets and assimilate them in Mosaico.

The man is certainly the ultimate artist. In the centuries he was able to combine knowledge and inspiration so as to create such beautiful artworks to make a dent. The goal of an artist is to fulfi l a perfect composition, made up of different shapes collocated in the littlest space possible without leaving out its aesthetic aspect..

Classical automatic nesting

Nesting automatico


Nesting Mosaico