• pezzo parametrico - parametric piece
    generic symbol - simbolo genereico
    generic symbol - simbolo generico
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The CAD / CAM nesting software

Welcome to CutExpert® LITE world

Over the past few years, the technology associated with sheet metal cutting has grown considerably. We have gone from doing a lot of work manually to the realization of each single part through the use of machines, thus significantly reducing execution times.
ts from simple carpentry to the creation of complex shapes for design accessories.
The solution proposed by Eurosoft is the result of more than 30 years experience, acquired in the field, in close collaboration with operator specialized on metal cutting, drawing from them the useful tricks to make the application fast and effective.
The system perfectly communicates with sheet metal cutting machines such as laser, plasma (even 5 axes), oxy-cut and water jet.
CutExpert® LITE suite allows, in a few simple steps, to realized every parts quickly, minimizing the scrap.
Our module is perfectly integrated with the other Eurosoft software such as Mosaico (intelligent automatic nesting that allows a further reduction of scraps up to 10%) and Revolution 4.0 (the software that allows to extract all the informations for Industry 4.0).

Powerful functionalities

With CutExpert® LITE the creation of programs for metal cutting machines becomes within reach of everyone.
The software, with it’s improved design and even more intuitive, uses a cad and a cam that are perfectly integrated, achieving the best precision and optimization of spaces.
With only three steps we are able to cut a new job

1 - Insertion

Importazione rapida dei propri disegni
Si possono inserire tutti gli articoli da tagliare in maniera molto semplice assegnandogli materiale, spessore e quantità. È possibile anche estrapolare singole parti da un cartiglio in cui sono definiti bene layer e colori per dividere le varie lavorazioni

hvac screen on software - havac schermata monitor

2 - Optimization

Integrate CAM
Either if it is a straight or a bevel cut, with tool drilling, CutExpert LITE is able to get the best result in extremely short times, without user intervention.

hvac screen on software - havac schermata monitor

3 - Generation

Export available for more than 100 types of machines
With just one click, the file with all necessary informations in order to move the machine is generated.

CutExpert® LITE includes.

  • Orders/Project management integrated with reports for estimates.
  • Automatic filter during file import based on layer/colour.
  • Query functions on the drawing for profile checks.
  • Cutting technology archive on every part.
  • Optimization of automatic nesting to minimize scraps.
  • Combination of automatic nesting, along with manual nesting functions.
  • Nesting on partially completed sheets.
  • Optimization of automatic and manual cutting paths.
  • Collision check in parts handling.
  • Cutting technology management.
  • Management of trim, initial and final cuts.
  • Management of automatic and manual markings.
  • Report management and configurable prints.


  • Possibility to assign the actual cutting times for the calculation of reports.
  • Management of automatic and manual micro-junctions.
  • Post-processor available for more than 100 types of machines.
  • Management of automatic and manual common cut.
  • Possibility to dynamically modify pieces after nesting execution.
  • Initial training (16 hours).
  • Fly cut.
  • Internal scraps cutting.
  • Automatic update of cutting times.
  • Video customer support.
  • Updates for new versions.
  • Included | Optional | with support contract

PC features

- OS: Windows® 10/11 64bit
- CPU: Intel® Core i5/AMD Phenom
- HD: SSD 256 Gb
- RAM: 16 Gb
- VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce/AMD Radeon with at least 4 Gb of dedicated ram